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Qatargas provides quality LNG and other hydrocarbon products to the global market. We proudly and safely operate and maintain our facilities to Premier standard and we are actively developing new facilities on behalf of our Shareholders to sustain and expand our capacity.?

Qatargas protects its people, assets and the environment. Our Shareholders see consistently high value and return. We are proud to be known as a major contributor to the fulfilment of The Qatar 2030 Vision and the nation's future.

1. Safety, Health & Environmental Performance? 
2. High Calibre Workforce 
3. Efficient and Reliable Operations  
4. Quality & Flawless Execution 
5. Customer Satisfaction 
6. Financial Performance?


We embrace Incident and Injury-Free: We care for and value people and process safety above all else and demonstrate it in our commitments and actions.

We value our People:???? We value, recognise and appreciate all our people and their families; we foster teamwork and collaboration; we develop ourselves to be our best; we trust and empower one another?. 

We uphold Our Reputation:?? ?At Qatargas we always do what we say; we promote honest and transparent communication and conduct our business ethically.

We strive for Premier Performance:?? We focus on Quality in everything we do; we seek to innovate, optimize business & financial performance and ensure continuous improvement; we always put the greater interest of the Company first.

We focus on our Customer: We place all customers, both internal and external, at the heart of the business; we deliver on our promises to customers.??